Styron is committed to managing its products in a safe and sustainable manner, and we encourage our suppliers and customers to join our efforts to collaborate, innovate, and elevate industrial practices and expectations so that chemical products are managed safely throughout their lifecycle.

Styron has a robust Ethics and Compliance program, and is a Responsible Care® company. As a signatory to the Responsible Care Guiding Principles, we are committed to continuously improve our company’s performance related to health, safety, and the environment, and to communicate with stakeholders about our products and processes.

In 2014, Styron published the fourth edition of the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. The report profiles the company’s economic, environmental, health, safety, and social performance, as well as how the company’s products help its customers improve their own sustainability. Use this site to navigate the report content or download a PDF version.

Previously called Styron, the company announced plans to change the name of all Styron affiliated companies to Trinseo. Some, but not all, of the Styron companies have completed the name change process and are currently known as Trinseo; Styron companies that have not completed this process will continue to do business as Styron until their respective name changes are complete. Styron's operating companies also continue to do business as Styron at this time.

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