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Safety, fuel economy and durability - that's what consumers are looking for in their tires. And that's what they'll get when tire manufacturers work with Styron. It comes down to basic chemistry - designing a new rubber that reduces rolling resistance without compromising on grip and wear - and our engineers are bringing it to market.

This is the kind of innovation that comes when customers work closely with Styron - challenging us to find solutions to their application challenges. Whether your manufacturing process requires compounding calendering and vulcanization or highly controlled graft polymerization chemistry, Styron produces SSBR, PBR and other rubber products that cleanly, consistently and predictably meet your requirements. Click the links below to learn more about our advanced line of Sprintan™ SSBR technologies.

TDS for Sprintan® SLR 4602

TDS for Sprintan® SLR 4601

TDS for Sprintan® SLR 6430

TDS for Sprintan® SLR 4630

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