MAGNUM™ ABS resins from Styron are available in a wide range of injection molding and extrusion grades, specifically designed for applications including automotive, appliances, medical, building & construction, packaging and, sheet & profile extrusion.

MAGNUM ABS resins are produced in a continuous process that yields a resin with a highly consistent, white base color resulting in a combination of excellent processability and aesthetics, which make it suitable for self coloring.

Some of the performance benefits of MAGNUM ABS resins include:

  • Meeting the physical property requirements of your application.
  • Providing excellent reproduction of mold surfaces.
  • Meeting specialized finish requirements through painting or plating. 
  • Permitting the use of a variety of secondary finishing techniques. 
  • Enabling parts to be recycled at levels up to 25% with virgin resins. 
  • Suitable for easy and consistent self-coloring.

Any medical application requires a Styron business assessment prior to the sale or sampling of Styron products. Please refer to the link provided for Styron's Medical Application Policy.

Medical Application Policy