Changing the Game for Packaging

CO2RE™ is a patented foaming technology aimed at helping the dairy packaging and food service industries reduce raw material consumption in packaging.

Reduced Material Consumption
The technology allows converters to produce polystyrene sheet with a foamed core layer using physical blowing agents. Styron internal tests using CO2RE foaming technology illustrate significant total density reductions of up to 20% with the potential to reduce density even further.

More Value for the Entire Supply Chain
By reducing polystyrene packaging density, CO2RE foaming technology results in light weighting of packaging which benefits the entire value chain: Converters use less raw material and energy to produce the packaging, while brand owners benefit from a lower packaging waste disposable tax.

Improved Carbon Footprint
As a direct result of raw material and energy savings, the carbon footprint of your rigid polystyrene packaging application will improve significantly using CO2RE™ foaming technology. Check the Fast Facts sheet for the details.

Convenient Implementation
Styron's CO2RE foaming technology is available to license globally and can be implemented on existing lines at low cost. Styron experts are available to assist customers in the implementation phase of the new technology to help support a successful start-up.

Flexibility of Supply
Whilst CO2RE foaming technology has been designed around the leading STYRON A-TECH™ polystyrene resins, it also performs with other polystyrene resins. To maintain your sourcing options, the CO2RET foaming technology license agreement allows for this flexibility.

Contact us to see how this technology can help reduce your costs, energy usage and waste disposable tax.